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Great Moments in Urban Branding: Missy Elliot

My Lamborghini disappear like Houdini/2-20 cant see me in a bottle like a genie- Missy Elliot, Slide

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Big Daddy Kane

So don't hate me or try to underrate me/Cause I collect ends drive a Benz and live greatly- Big Daddy Kane, Erase Racism

I'm not sure if these are cool, creepy or offensive?

These ads just dropped. My wife saw it and was like "Did you see these ads? I felt offended..." Since she said that, I have not seen them running. I guess others felt the same? I don't know. Sometimes things that sound great in the board room, just suck by the time the ad is done. I still love the candy though.

-Beyond Urban Branding