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Dr. Dre is on the move with Abecassis Cognac!!


(AllHipHop News) Sources have told that Dr. Dre's new brand of cognac will begin shipping to stores later this month and in the beginning of October.

Dr. Dre announced the details of his new line Aftermath Cognac in August of 2008. The first alcoholic drink from Dr. Dre is a joint venture between Dr. Dre and Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records.

The production and distribution of Aftermath Cognac will be handled by Abecassis Cognac, which will also help introduce a new 80-proof flavored and unflavored sparkling vodka product.

The Aftermath Cognac and accompanying vodka were originally supposed to be released to coincide with Dr. Dre's highly anticipated album Detox, which still has no official release date.

Dr. Dre teased fans during his performance with Eminem and Jay-Z at Detroit's Comerica Park, after they began chanting "Detox" in unison, in an attempt to push the produced to release the delayed album.


AXE Bodywash takes a 7th grade joke and makes a great commercial

Axe has always had edgy ads. Before Old Spice and Gillette stepped into the manly smell arena, Axe was doing their thing. This is their latest from Axe.. Its juvenile, its sexually references are more then obvious and thats why its funny. This ad is like a 7th grade conversation. And yet, its hilarious. So popular my 12 year old son could not stop laughing as he started to tell me about it. Below are some others.

This one below was supposedly banned....Makes sense. Its also got a ton of hits online. Which ALSO makes sense. 

AD FAIL: Can we all agree that Kindle ads suck?

Kindle ads suck. There, I said it. I have watched these pseudo clever ads for too long. This is the latest one to not catch my eye. The other ad they had was the boring one with the lady and flashlight? Don't remember? I'm not mad at you for forgetting.

Also, who is Kindle trying to market to? I mean, based on the ads, I'd say White nerds.  Which is OK. Everything ain't for everybody. But this couple on the beach is NOT making me want Kindle. I mean, if I'm at the beach and I wanna read, I'm not about to bring Kindle near these waves (unless its waterproof!). Note to Kindle marketing people: Many people (races, cultures, subcultures, etc.) love to read. Many people love technology. Please make an ad that makes any lover of books excited. If you don't, they'll just go grab an ipad.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Mountain Dew Blends Graff and Skating for New Campaign

Skating and graffiti have always been in alignment. Skating was usually done by more White kids in the urban areas. Rapping and DJ'ing was done by more African American kids. Graffiti brought them together. I think this is a very cutting edge campaign. I love the can design idea. I love it when any company embraces urban art.  

-Beyond Urban Branding

Geico sprinkles silly rap as a punchline- and it works

I've always loved the Geico Gecko. This most recent at with the "rap ringtone" is really funny. Every way to use Hip-Hop as fun does not have to be a "mockery" of the art. This was funny and very memorable. To me the "rap ringtone" at the end is indicative of all the corny ways some brands try to use urban elements to their advantage- but fail. Love this ad.

-Beyond Urban Branding

B.O.B and the dude from RJ Berger in a coooool Adidas ad!

B.O.B and RJ Berger (Paul Iacono) are in great new ad by Adidas. If you dont know B.O.B you could possibly live under a rock. The thing I wonder is if Adidas PAID for the brand placement in this song, or was the timing just divine?

PS. If you really don't know who B.O.B is, you can ask your kids or just click below:

-Beyond Urban Branding

TECH WEEK: Rakim praises technology

Be alarmed, what you about to see is the bomb/ Like 3D in Nam, vivid like CD Rom/Info kept like - Rakim, Its Been A Long Time

TECH WEEK: Facetime Apps hit the heart

I know its been a minute since we did a Tech Week. Honestly, a lot of ads were kinda boring me. Not even that I was mad at them, I was just unmoved. Maybe I will write about that more in depth. But for now I'm in love with Facetime iphone app ads. They hit heartstrings with honesty. These ads show how technology is not a sterile tool made of ones and zeros. They showed that technology can and does bring people closer together.  The use of Louie Armstrong brings it all in.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Missy Elliot

My Lamborghini disappear like Houdini/2-20 cant see me in a bottle like a genie- Missy Elliot, Slide

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Big Daddy Kane

So don't hate me or try to underrate me/Cause I collect ends drive a Benz and live greatly- Big Daddy Kane, Erase Racism

I'm not sure if these are cool, creepy or offensive?

These ads just dropped. My wife saw it and was like "Did you see these ads? I felt offended..." Since she said that, I have not seen them running. I guess others felt the same? I don't know. Sometimes things that sound great in the board room, just suck by the time the ad is done. I still love the candy though.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Sprint hits another homer showing the evolution of innovation

I've been meaning to post this for a while. This Sprint ad is well done. By illustrating the evolutionary history of technology the ad inspires as well it makes you trust in Sprints intent.  Notice how simple the message was conveyed? That's good branding. It should never take too much to tell your story.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Great Moments in Urban Branding: The Beastie Boys

Long before Harold and Kumar, the Beastie Boys made White Castle and Fat Burger hot on the block!!

I chill at White Castle 'cause it's the best
But I'm fly at Fat Burger when I way out west
-Beastie Boys, New Style

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Notorious B.I.G

I miss B.I.G., I miss the Twin Towers....

So, what's it gonna be? him or me?
We can cruise the world with pearls, gator boots for girls
The envy of all women, crush linen
Cartier wrist-wear with diamonds in em
-Biggie Smalls, One More Chance

Great World Cup ads part. 2!!

This might be my favorite World Cup for a ton of reasons. I've loved soccer since I was a kid, but, this year the World Cup is just lovely. One of the reasons is I'm having fun watching a lot of the ads. I always like it when corporations get comfortable pushing themes of world unity, fun and the power of diversity. It'd be great if these kinds of themes were more common in ad campaigns in general. Even the Olympics don't produce ads as strong as World Cup ads when it comes to multicultural themes.

As excited as I was to see all these great ads, Comedy Central did a very funny piece on how most South African independent business folks were boxed out of money making opportunities by FIFA. I'll put that clip at the bottom (its funny and informative, too bad CNN and FOXNews missed this story). But the thing I wonder is: How many of these ads were made by African or African American owned ad agencies? If you know the answer email me at . 



Mike Relm reaches far beyond Hip-Hop

Mike Relm,(wicked DJ on huge tours for the iconic Blue Man Group, Tony Hawk and others)  has been doing some very cool things remixing film. In the next few weeks Beyond Urban Branding will be doing profiles on various people who make things happen. Mike Relm will be one of the first interviews we drop. Take a look at the edge this guy gives things that are for all intents and purposes- already cool. But Mike Relm makes them cooler.

Branding the power of unity in diversity ring loud in world cup ads Pt. 1

I've been watching so much soccer, I have not been posting. Then, I saw all these amazing ads that promoted global unity and the beauty of diversity. The ads also push the power of owning the moment, right now and making the world better with your expression.These ads are so honest and so fun, it'd be a crime if we did not enjoy them together. Lets look at 'em...

Nike Scores Big with this one

ESPN Reminds You What The Game is About

Then Visa tells you what its REALLY About

EA Sports and K'Naan team up for an amazing game trailer

A game aint a game if you're not drinking a Coke

-Beyond Urban Branding

Speaking of Cognac: T.I. named global spokesman for Remy Martin

Just in from:
 Rapper T.I. is jumping in to the liquor business after striking a deal with Remy Martin.

The rapper appeared on Atlanta’s V-103 during Ryan Cameron show and revealed he had just returned from France, where he entered into a deal as the spokesman for Remy Martin.

“I’m now the official endorser and global spokesman for Remy Martin cognac,” T.I. said on the radio and labeled the experience “mind blowing.”

T.I. was on the air promoting his upcoming movie Takers, which also stars Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and others. The rapper also revealed he is in talks to star in the follow up to the hit movie ATL. T.I.’s upcoming album King Uncaged is due in stores August 17th.


Wow! We were just talking about the impact of rap on the cognac industry. I guess its still going strong. Rappers + alcohol brands have almost always added up to big dollars.

-Beyond Urban Branding

T-Pains Teams With Swagger Like Us Clothing, Contest

This just in from: HipHopDX

This July, west coast-based clothing retailer Anchor Blue and fashion line Swagger Like Us, Inc. are teaming up with singer/songwriter T-Pain for their upcoming "Can You Rock?" campaign. "Can You Rock?" will allow up-and-coming musicians looking for their big break into the industry to remake one song to win the chance to record a song written and produced by the Grammy-winning Atlanta crooner.

"This is a great opportunity for me to work with some up-and-coming talent, while giving someone a head start in the music business,” T-Pain said. "I’m glad to be partnering up with Anchor Blue and Swagger Like Us to make it happen. Who knows what next big artist we’ll uncover!"

In conjunction with the campaign, Anchor Blue and Swagger Like Us will be releasing a line of apparel that bridges the gap between music and fashion. And as an added bonus, beginning July 22, Anchor Blue will be providing a free download from their website …

Great moments in urban branding: Public Enemy

It's the reason I'm ahead of the pack/It's the reason I left them back/It's the reason all the people say/My 98-O blows 'em all away

My 98 Oldsmobile is...

My 98 Oldsmobile's so...

My 98 Oldsmobile is...

My 98 Oldsmobile's like...

Even the most revolutionary rap group in the history of the game did a little branding. Oldsmobile branding was all in the hood because of Chuck D and Flavor Flav's lyrics. Big shout out to my man Chris T who used to drive the charcoal grey Olds. The first time I heard Public Enemy, it was in a 98. Ironic? I think not. Nedless to say, despite the advertsing on this classic album, no deal was offered to PE for this great moment in urban branding. With the car industry in! the hole, somebody might wanna holla at 'em. For real boyeeeeee.

Great moments in urban branding: Run DMC

We never wear the pants they call the Calvin Klein's/Cause Calvin Klein's no friend of mine/Don't want nobody's name on my behind/Lee on my legs, sneakers on my feet/D by my side and Jay with the beat!! Run DMC, Rock Box

This was easily the first rap protest against the dreaded skinny jeans!! People forget that rap was coming out of the Disco era. It was a rebellion against that pop'ish lifestyle. All the Dicso dudes wore super tight jeans. Rev Run and Deacon DMC were not having it. Now that I think about it, this was the first time I remember a jeans company getting a shout out from rappers. Lee jeans won big on that one. I wonder why they never tried to get in good like Adidas? I'm pretty sure this came out a few years before "My Adidas"...Lee could have taken full advantage. Maybe the "advantage" was free branding in a demographic they never advertised in...

Bing brings second ad in Spanish with English subtitles...Its still funny

The Microsoft serch engine Bing dropped their second "Los Links" ad entirely in Spanish with English subtitles. They've been pushing the "Telemundo" soap opera thing and its still working. Just like Telemundo I have no idea what they are saying, but I still watch! Seriously though, these ads are good and I'm glad they're still riding the wave.

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Mary J and Grand Puba

Well, I be Puba on this here/The nigga from last year/Girbaud's hanging baggy Tommy Hilfiger top gear/Take no shorts/I'm doin lovely in all sports- Grand Puba, Whats the 411?

Those brands have been getting solid rotation since 1992!! Thats brand penetration and longevity!

-Beyond Urban Branding

When Rap Rebuilt an Industry: Pass the Courvoisier

Some of you may too busy to understand the financial impact of Hip-Hop. But this one song validates any discussion on the economic power of rap. The Cognac industry was dying out. It was almost entirely done. Until Busta Rhymes dropped this jam right here.

The big question: Why didn't these guys call Courvoiser and cut an equity deal BEFORE they dropped the song? The world may never know. But I don't think Diddy and Ciroc would have ever happened if he had not missed the opportunity to maximize with Courvoiser.


The song changed all that, according to Courvoisier's marketing manager, Jennifer Szersnovicz.
"Well, it was huge for the brand," she says. "Because it went on all the big hit lists. And the truth of the matter is that it really showed us what the importance of what having that particular status in the African-American market was all about."

NPR News on how one rap song changed Cognac industry

PS. If you dont …

Great moments in urban branding: Jay Z

In rappin' I am whatever is happenin', Rock-a-wear I am the
young Black Ralph Lauren. - Jay Z, Guns & Roses

Great moments in urban branding: Tupac Shakur

Now it's all about Versace,You copied my style/Five shots couldn't drop me, I took it and smiled.- Tupac, "Hit Em Up"

 I didn't call Versace he called me to come to his show and to wear his close and to "Please wear my shoes!" Please wear my shit you are the image of Versace.- Tupac Shakur interview

One of the biggest gangsta classics branded Gucci eternally

It was 1985. Most people did not even recognize rap as an art. Nevertheless, Gucci was getting branding via rapper Schoolly D. You may not know this song. But every person who knows Hip-Hop history knows this song, had this song and wanted a Gucci watch because of it. Schoolly D also did the college campus cult classic intro for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network. Gotta love Schoolly School!!! It pays to use old school raps and rappers in new school branding.

Great moments in urban branding: Lil Kim

Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits
Adrienne Vittadini and Chanel Nine boots
Things to make up for all the games and the lies
Hallmark cards, sayin I apologize - Lil Kim "Get Money"

-Beyond Urban Branding

AT&T blend pulling on heartstrings, and comedy in Rethink Possible campaign

Looking towards an inevitable future AT&T made a great ad here. What I love about this ad is that its courageous enough to suggest a Latino President of the United States of America is possible. To run this ad during the tense state of political current events is pretty cool. Obviously it touches on so many things at once: The power of taking a chance, love, and the makers of the technology that allows you to make it happen.

Once more pulling on the heartstrings, AT&T really gets the consumer to embrace their childhood through technology. Its paced well with warm and fuzzy creatures keeping you reminiscing until the final frame. I notice kids actually enjoy this ad a lot as well. My one year old daughter stops what shes doing and giggles at this ad every time it runs.

This ad is quick and funny. The main thing is, you really don't know how its going to end- until it does.

You can't have the urban crowd if young African American males aren't rocking your stuff. Th…

Snoop Dogg Teams with MMA Brand Serious Pimp

MMA and Hip-Hop continue their branding embrace with a new alliance between Snoop Dogg and Serious Pimp clothing line. This is pretty huge and I was happy to see cover it. 

-Beyond Urban Branding


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Snoop Dogg will enter the business world of the MMA this Saturday, when he is expected to be named President of the Serious Pimp clothing/sunglasses company.

The announcement is expected to take place at the Venus Pool Club at Caesar’s Palace this Saturday (May 29th) afternoon. 

Snoop and company will then attend the UFC’s highly anticipated contest between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.

"This brings the best of both worlds to Serious Pimp. Snoop Dogg knows what the people want and shares our vision to promote events that combine the Hip Hop culture and the MMA movement," said Serious Pimp Founder and CEO Damian Kutzner. "Together we will usher in the next era for the Serious Pimp brand…

Dr. Pepper WINS big with Strahan after a so-so ad with Dr. Dre

Dr. Pepper stepped their game up for real. This is a funny ad. I think that funny ads, are the BEST ADS. The reason is, because people remember funny ads. You never hear people on a bus talking about that heartfelt commercial they saw. But funny is sticky.  Enjoy Strahan doing good deeds on this one. 

Even before HP, Dr. Pepper knew this was a strong move. Dr. Dre makes people stop look and listen. Every young aspiring person connected to Hip-Hop wants to do what Dre does. The thing was, this ad was a squandered opportunity. They had a chance to knock it outta the park and they didn't. It wasn't really funny, it wasn't really heartfelt and it wasn't shocking (the only thing thats almost equal to funny). But it didn't suck either. I mean, Dr. Dre's on the wheels. I have not seen that since The days of the World Class Wreckin' Cru (Dr. Dre's original rap group). 

Kiss rocks hard with this ad. Dr. Pepper was pretty creative here. Who doesn't love KI…

Kia Motors Hits Hard With Hamsters

Kia Motors has been doing a lot to try and battle Scion for the young urban automotive market. Recently Kia came with this hamster campaign. Initially, I was not feeling it. I thought the first commercial (seen below) was paced way too slow. But I got the point. Kia Motors is not making cars for Gramps any more. This is for you (todays driver)! They make sure you see the iPod connected to the radio, speakers that light up etc. 

But the NEW ad, the one up above, is fantastic. Paced well, shot well, they used a classic Hip-Hop by Black Sheep (The Choice is Yours)to keep the vibe poppin'. I can't imagine a young person who would see this and not want to drive a Kia (or at least consider it). 

For your listening pleasure, I have placed the original video of Black Sheep for your listening enjoyment.

-Beyond Urban Branding

HP frames their brand and the tech company that empowers the winners

HP and The Venetian Hotel

HP and UPS

Rhys Darby breaks down the theme of the campaigns 

Here are a few more ads by HP's "Lets Do Amazing" campaign. I'm noticing the consistent theme in the new HP ads is showing how big brands use HP to stay ahead of the competition. I like this strategy. Clearly the idea is not to bank on the Dr. Dre ad, but to show how individuals like Dre or huge companies like Venetian or UPS refine their execution with HP technology. Everybody wants to walk with the winner.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Gillette FAILS going head up with Old Spice Odor Blocker, bringing an "Odor Sheild"

So, I have recently posted these funny Old Spice ads with Terry Crews (more thna 4 million views on youtube alone). I think they are both courageous and comedic. I was asking myself, "Who will be bold enough to go head-to-head with Old Spice?"

KABLOW! Gillette took the challenge. The only thing was, they kinda fumbled. They dropped an ad for their new "Odor Sheild" promising 16 hours of protection (like Old Spice). But their ad was a little corny. I'm looking for it online (can't find it). Basically it shows a guy in the shower from the knees down. As the narrator talks a garden hose, tools and other things from the guys day fall to the drain of the shower. Very unimpressive. It felt like something I'd expect a team on Celeb Apprentice to get fired for by Trump. Certainly not anything from a top notch ad team.

The question is, knowing they were going up against the Old Spice crew, why did they come so soft? I mean, I can't even find the ad on youtu…

MMA Brand News: Sinister Brand Clothing gets shout out from real rappers

I've always loves Sinister Brand fight wear. You've seen some of the biggest UFC stars wear their shirts into the cage. These guys have made quality stuff for years. Recently I heard a track from the upcoming album by Rakaa Iriscience from the trio Dilated Peoples. Outside of his devastating rhymes, he's one of the first rappers to train in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. His new solo album Crown of Thorns drops July 20th 2010. Anyway in one of his songs he says "Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Sinister Brand Sponsored/ You ain't fit, you old aerobics like Jane Fonda!" I love it. So many rappers reference MMA and UFC related themes in their music. This one is by far one of the best. Expect to hear more stuff like that in the coming years. If you ain't up on Dilated Peoples you are probably living under a rock. Here are two videos I suggest you peep.

You will see Ralek, Ryron and Renner Gracie in a cameo

This Way feat. Kanye West

Latino Bing Ad Has Serious Flavor: Los Links!

The search engine has a funny new ad done entirely in Spanish. Its made to be a mockery of Latino soaps that can be found on Telemundo type stations. The subtitles are in English. The camera shots, outfits, everything screams soap opera cheese. I think its cool 'cause it really does hit to demos with one ad and nobody is demeaned culturally in the ad. has made a few cool ads. I've posted some of the other ones I like below:

I love the idea of reframing their function from "search" engine to "decision engine".

MMA BRAND NEWS: Dream Ent. in Negotiations for MMA Match between Ralek Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba

I just heard a rumor that Dream Entertainment in Japan is close to signing an MMA match set for May 2010 between Ralek Gracie and Sakuraba!!! If you know your MMA history you know that Sakuraba is a fierce MMA fighter who has defeated several Gracies- Royce, Royler, Ryan and Renzo.

Ralek Gracie is the son of Rorion Gracie and got his Black belt from his Grandfather Helio Gracie. He has had two matches in Japan over the last year or so and he won both by submission. I think Ralek and really, all of Rorions sons may have the biggest chance of leading the charge of the next generation of Gracie fighters within MMA.

If this fight happens it will be yet another chapter in the never ending saga of the Gracie family going head to head with the best Japanese fighters. I have to do some more research and see whats what. But my source seems to think this is going to get inked soon. Why didn't Dana White think of this?

-Beyond Urban Branding


Heineken has a good team keeping their ads funny for the guys. This is a "mans man ad". I think the alcohol companies spend the most (and the best) money on good ads campaigns. Hate it or love it, its true.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Beyond Urban Founder Contributes to New Book on Hip-Hop Subculture

So a few months ago, my good buddy Alex, aka AD (to the highest degree) hit me up and said "Hey my friend is doing a book on boomboxes and I think you'd be good for it. I want you guys to talk. So, he connected me to Lyle Owerko (who was cool as ice) and now, I'm a part of this cool new book. Spike Lee did the forward and there are some super hot stars in the book including Fab Five Freddie, Bob Gruen, Rosie Perez, Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J, Lisa Lisa, DJ Spooky, and Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys and many others. For more information visit: The Boombox Project 

you can also follow them on twitter @boomboxlove . I will give you guys more info as we get closer to the release date.

-Beyond Urban Branding

TECH WEEK: Flo TV tests your manhood in Superbowl ad

I hate holding my wifes purse in the mall (I hardly ever do it but, I HATE it). Someone on the Flo TV ad team must hate it to. This ad is hilarious. By defending the idea that a man should be able to watch TV whenever he wants to, they hit a home run. Then to add some more pepper to it, they ran it on Superbowl Sunday!!! Great strategy. For the record, my buddy has one of these and they're pretty cool.

-Beyond Urban Branding Lists Top 10 Greatest Rap Logos had a pretty cool editorial on Hip-Hop logos. I agree with most of the list. Though, I'm not fully sure about EPMD, Onyx and No Limit. The first two, quite honestly, seem kinda of old school. Meaning, they got stuck in 90's. I'm not sure the average teenager knows EPMD or No Limit anymore at all (though they are great looking logos).

I also feel like the Hieroglyphics logo is WAY bigger. I feel this mainly because that crew still tours a lot. Especially in Europe. Only Hiero has fans tattooing their logo across their body like the Wu fans do.

Check it out:'s Top Ten Rap Logos

-Beyond Urban Branding


I don't know. This ad does not impress at all. I mean, clearly I'm not a lady with long flowing hair. I guess if you want it, this ad might impress you. But I yawn when I see it. A far cry from the really funny old school "Got Milk" ads.

-Beyond Urban Branding


Ciroc Vodka has 4 product placements in Drakes Forever video

Drakes Forever video is still raw. I was just watching it for fun, since I don't have the MP3. Then I saw the Ciroc bottles. I think I counted four times. On youtube alone it got seventeen million hits! We have not event talked about MTV and BET rotation. Its so sublime I can't tell if I'm impressed by it, or appalled by it. Sneaky....

-Beyond Urban Branding

Hip-Hop and shoe brands a love story

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the impact of Run DMC's classic rap song My Adidas and its impact on branding. Today we will look at a few other songs that have had a huge impact on shoes in particular. We begin with Air Force Ones, by Nelly. I think this may have been one of the biggest songs about shoes since My Adidas. Every kid on the block still rocks 'em.

Here we have a track from a group called The Pack, based out of Oakland, CA. This was a pretty big hit. Not as big as Air Force Ones, but none the less a hit. The funny thing is, Vans have been known mostly for being skater shoes. I wore Vans in the early 80's and one thing was certain...I was just about THE ONLY Black kid rockin' Vans. But it also shows you how over time the line between "Hip-Hop" and "skater culture" became almost one in the same.

Interesting thing about this song is that the video was pretty much BANNED from MTV and many other TV outlets. They saw the song as nothing more th…

Kindle ad FAIL...Zero imagination...

This Kindle ad is boring. Let me get this straight, you're going against Apple- right? The super-fun-everybody-loves to have one, APPLE?! And this was your best idea. Commercials like this do not inspire people who hate books, to read. They don't make Kindle look like a digital nerdfest.

For this garbage ad alone, I'm thinking iPad is gonna kill you. I bet the ads folks are at Steve Jobs house right now laughing so hard.

-Beyond Urban Branding

This iphone app ad is well friggin done! Tech plus shoes equals cool!!

I love this ad for so many reasons. It makes iPhones and Nikes look cool, cutting edge and empowering. Plus my kids loved it. If my kids don't get an ads message, if they don't get it, that tells me a lot. Because if a brands message is simple, if it makes sense and if it can connect- its a winner. If it connects with the kids, that says a lot. Real talk.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Nike knows how to rock an ad...sometimes

This ad was well done (hard to believe after all the drama). The question is, "Why bother"? Nike does not need Tiger right now. Tiger needs Nike. He's undone his own success. I mean you can't even use the "Just do it" mantra for so many obvious reasons. I just don't know why they felt so compelled to do this ad. Its less of a FAIL, more of a shoulder shrug.

These ads are kinda old, I know. But they highlight the beauty and simplicity of Nike. This ad is funny, short and most of all clear in its message. Every man has had a moment like the above. If you haven't, Nike is inspiring you to create one.

Nothing is more fun, than when a brand knows its on a roll and keeps going.

This is another one you gotta love. The writers were on the money.