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Target takes us back to the old school in new holiday ad

Rick Ross Gave Aston Martin a Gem of A Song "Aston Martin Music"

Favorite Holiday Ads

Dr. Dre and HP have me on the edge of my seat

Great GM ad, positioning perseverance

Great Ad by Ford Fusing Extreme Sports and Desire to Be Free

AT&T team with Diggy Simmons for a great ad...

Toshiba and T-Pain Do a great job here

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Chrisitian Dior Denim Flow

Toyota makes a very fun ad here for Prius. Still not sure I'd buy one though

Very cool Vizio ad feat. Beyonce

Go Giants!

TECH WEEK: Black Ops is coming....

TECH WEEK: Intel teams with penguins of Madagascar (great ad)

Dr. Dre is on the move with Abecassis Cognac!!

AXE Bodywash takes a 7th grade joke and makes a great commercial

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Wager Match Trailer

Adidas reach deep into global culture for a lot of their ads

AD FAIL: Can we all agree that Kindle ads suck?

Adidas Supports Graffiti Writers

Mountain Dew Blends Graff and Skating for New Campaign

Geico sprinkles silly rap as a punchline- and it works

B.O.B and the dude from RJ Berger in a coooool Adidas ad!

TECH WEEK: Droid Ads Rock

EXCLUSIVE: How does Dres from Black Sheep feel about the Kia Hamster Ad?

TECH WEEK: Rakim praises technology

TECH WEEK: Iyaz mixes love and technology branding

TECH WEEK: Facetime Apps hit the heart

Dr. Dre Drops NEW Ad with HP Computers!! Once Again Its On!!!

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Missy Elliot

Geico blends chess and soccer for a GOOOOOAL

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Big Daddy Kane

Huggies takes one big step for diaper-kind

Old Spice is BACK, with another killer ad campaign!

50 Cent and Reebok: When keeping it real goes right

Dr. Dre did a Coors ad?

I'm not sure if these are cool, creepy or offensive?

Sprint hits another homer showing the evolution of innovation

Great Moments in Urban Branding: The Beastie Boys

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Notorious B.I.G

Great World Cup ads part. 2!!

Mike Relm reaches far beyond Hip-Hop

Adidas & Snoop Dogg has the best world cup add EVER....

Branding the power of unity in diversity ring loud in world cup ads Pt. 1

Speaking of Cognac: T.I. named global spokesman for Remy Martin

T-Pains Teams With Swagger Like Us Clothing, Contest

Great moments in urban branding: Public Enemy

Great moments in urban branding: Run DMC

Bing brings second ad in Spanish with English subtitles...Its still funny

Great Moments in Urban Branding: Mary J and Grand Puba

When Rap Rebuilt an Industry: Pass the Courvoisier

The Rap Gods Blessed Nike: Nelly Air Force Ones

Great moments in urban branding: Jay Z

Great moments in urban branding: Tupac Shakur

One of the biggest gangsta classics branded Gucci eternally

Pepsi pushes unity with Ads for World Cup

Great moments in urban branding: Lil Kim

AT&T blend pulling on heartstrings, and comedy in Rethink Possible campaign

Snoop Dogg Teams with MMA Brand Serious Pimp

Dr. Pepper WINS big with Strahan after a so-so ad with Dr. Dre

Kia Motors Hits Hard With Hamsters

HP frames their brand and the tech company that empowers the winners

So if ya don't know, now ya know: Just For Kicks

Gillette FAILS going head up with Old Spice Odor Blocker, bringing an "Odor Sheild"

I want in on Call of Duty Black Ops

Missed you guys, but I'm BACK...

You know you still want one

MMA Brand News: Sinister Brand Clothing gets shout out from real rappers

Rockstar Games keeps it poppin' for real.

Latino Bing Ad Has Serious Flavor: Los Links!

Hornitos hits a homer

Prince of Persia trailer is HOT

MMA BRAND NEWS: Dream Ent. in Negotiations for MMA Match between Ralek Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba

Samsung is really going hard in the paint


Pepsi goes hard with Kung-fu for a commerical and wins

Beyond Urban Founder Contributes to New Book on Hip-Hop Subculture

Old Spice Terry Crews ads are still making me laugh

Shaun White makes a killer HP ad

TECH WEEK: Groovy iPad Ad

TECH WEEK: Iron Man 2 Game Trailer is HOT!

TECH WEEK: Flo TV tests your manhood in Superbowl ad Lists Top 10 Greatest Rap Logos


Ciroc Vodka has 4 product placements in Drakes Forever video

Hip-Hop and shoe brands a love story

Kindle ad FAIL...Zero imagination...

This iphone app ad is well friggin done! Tech plus shoes equals cool!!

Nike knows how to rock an ad...sometimes