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Snoop Dogg reps ADIDAS, wow, from Run DMC to D-O-G-G

Clyde Smith of interview Adisa Banjoko on the art of Pendulum Pitching

Hey folks,
                Its been a long minute. I know. Summer came in and life got crazy. But I promise I'm back for good. To prove it, here is a recent article on some of how I do what I do. Check it out!: 

I'm kicking off a series of posts about successful approaches to music marketing with some insights from Adisa Banjoko, a marketing professional based in the Bay Area who I first met while blogging at ProHipHop. Adisa has employed an approach he calls "Pendulum Pitching" with great success both before and after the Internet kicked in.... Read the entire story atHypebot interview with Adisa Banjoko