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Nicki Minaj Perfume Ad

Easily Nicki Minaj is arguably the biggest thing in urban branding for women possibly ever. This is proof. I can't say I love her music, but I do love her ads and respect her business mind and team.

Inspiring with vintage soul to connect with parents from Hip-Hop generation

I love this ad. I've been seeing this trend lately. Brands use old soul songs, what served as the foundation for classic rap hits from the late 80's and early 90's.

Doing this helps you in several ways:

1) You wont be explicitly binding your brand to a rap demographic, but STILL get the benefits of getting a deeper resonation in those that do know it.

2) You introduce younger potential customers to old soul and get them to identify YOUR brand with that classic.

3) Older techies won't see it as connected to rap at all.

Thats a 3'fer!!

I bet Bill Gates is hitting switches right now in his 64...

This song was used in one of the biggest rap albums of all time...

I can almost promise you, the folks in this video are almost ALL parents....LOL

Take something seemly unconnected and elevate your brand

Mail is boring. Plus its kind of dying out as an industry. This ad focuses on the differentiation point of strategy and makes it resonate, using football. This was well done.