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2 Chains and Adidas

Quick and clean, like it should be.

Pistachios Ads Stay Crackin'!!

I love these ads so much. They are funny and well written. Are they working? I don't know....But I hope so, 'cause they rock.

Microsoft gets down with graffiti

I remember when this was "not art" look.

Taco Bell rap battle at the drive in

I did not expect the response from the people taking the order.

Holiday inn GOES IN on the rap angle...

Well played Holiday Inn- well played...

Nicki Minaj Perfume Ad

Easily Nicki Minaj is arguably the biggest thing in urban branding for women possibly ever. This is proof. I can't say I love her music, but I do love her ads and respect her business mind and team.

Inspiring with vintage soul to connect with parents from Hip-Hop generation

I love this ad. I've been seeing this trend lately. Brands use old soul songs, what served as the foundation for classic rap hits from the late 80's and early 90's.

Doing this helps you in several ways:

1) You wont be explicitly binding your brand to a rap demographic, but STILL get the benefits of getting a deeper resonation in those that do know it.

2) You introduce younger potential customers to old soul and get them to identify YOUR brand with that classic.

3) Older techies won't see it as connected to rap at all.

Thats a 3'fer!!

I bet Bill Gates is hitting switches right now in his 64...

This song was used in one of the biggest rap albums of all time...

I can almost promise you, the folks in this video are almost ALL parents....LOL

Take something seemly unconnected and elevate your brand

Mail is boring. Plus its kind of dying out as an industry. This ad focuses on the differentiation point of strategy and makes it resonate, using football. This was well done.

Great HP Ad

Easily one of the best ads for the Olympics

Nothing captures like authenticity.

RAV4 Ads with LL Cool J Rock!

Random McDonalds Ads (just for fun)

Lebron & Dwight 

McDonalds Ad in India 

 Teyonnah Parris

Buckle UP!!! Hitman Absolution E3 2012 Saints Trailer

A great video with a lot of insight

I love DJ Delz, he has so much love for shoes....Study guys like him. He represents one of millions of people that really love shoes....enjoy!

Andre 3000 and Gillette make a great match

I mean, he's a rapper, but he's WAY bigger than rap. He is one of the most stylish dudes in the game. Well done on all levels.

Every shoe company he mentioned owes him a check!

If you won't do that, you should pay him to rep your brand....this is dope....

Cool ads with Latinas ...

Latinas in ads have been really exploding. Here are a few...I will post more soon...But Eva Mendez, J-Lo and Sofia Vergara are doing it BIG in the game right now...I don't see this trend stopping any time soon....

Mendes and Pantene

J-lo and Fiat

Vergara and K-Mart

The Last of Us Trailer...

Intense...For me, most of the best game trailers use slow, deeply emotional music to contrast with the action on the screen...This is a great example.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video Game, teams with Kendrick Lamar!

Progressive Insurance confused me with this one...

I have no idea how this guy got hired for this ad. I dunno if he was somebody's cousin on the creative team....But he looks like the Nightstalker, or a cop time warped into the future....Maybe a second string porn star. I have no idea who thought he was a good choice for these ads. And for the record, I like Progressive ads as a rule.  He's not really funny, super suave or anything like that....Anybody look at that jacket? The mustache? The hair? C'mon Progressive...wake up...

Walmart got this one very right...

This Walmart phone ad is great. Kinda flips the script on who is rich these days...Gotta love the little green Android guy to. He's cute.

Street King Ad with Mayweather, 50 Cent and Tyson

This is a great ad. Playing off the cult classic Hangover, this ad really is cool. I was shocked to see it came out about a year ago. I think this could have gotten much greater buzz if it was shared more aggressively.

Manny Pacquiao : "What's Your Wild Rabbit" (Hennessy Campaign Commercial)

This is a great ad. It's beautiful to see how they fussed his legendary status with his work ethic. I think it was a bold move to embrace his passion for his people as well. 

Great Acura ad...with help from Avengers

This is cute, and I mean that in the realest sense...I like it a lot...

Avengers Movie Trailer REMIX by the one and only MIKE RELM!!

So many people try to steal his style...but you can' really can't.

The Gap WINS with this one...

So fun, so well done. It makes me totally forgive that horrific "graffiti" campaign they did in their store...anybody remember that....? Ugly stenciled shirts with almost no real graff? Man, this is a huge leap forward for them. Plus I used to have a crush on the lady leading the class.....mmm-hmmmm...

Before you try to make money off "breakdancing" in your next ad- LEARN ABOUT IT!!

Seriously, take a minute to soak it up...You can't sell anything to someone you don't know. You can't sell anything to somebody you are afraid of. Remember that.

He added taps to his cool...

No joke the first time I saw this was in 1986 by some kids at Westmoor high school in Daly City CA.

What do you know about Hip-Hop Dance?

This is a cool ad illustrating the difference of movement between old school and new school b-boys. Done well.

iPod using Hip-Hop dance...

I guess it's all just taken for granted that its all "American dance" but...I guess that was before it was "Black" and that was before anybody even acknowledged Hip-Hop was an art. People forget that in the beginning Hip-Hop was considered not art and just a random hiccup from the ghetto that the world wished would go away...TOO BAD!! I love to see Hip-Hop dance in ads.
Nas and AZ Represent for Nike!! People forgot this one. The coolest thing about is the beat they use is from a CLASSIC Hip-Hop movie. Who can name it? NOT YOU!! LOL

 I totally forgot this was even made...Still love it

I think this was the first candy to go the cereal route...and they went Hip-Hop

Reeses has been pushing Hip-Hop for a while now...This is one of their old ones...

Here is a shorty family version...

This is the latest one...I could not find a better one on Youtube (my bad)

I always liked these. I hate the sound quality on this newer vid. 'Cause I actually like the beat...

A far cry from this one huh?

Kanye West Makes Theraflu SICK....

Then a few days after this song goes across the planet HipHopDX  writes that Theraflu announces its doing a 
 Law suit  against West (as if they hated all the publicity). Now this is amazing right? I mean, they get publicity through the roof, because of Hip-Hop. Then they turn around and tell a half asleep attorney on retainer to send something to West and get...MORE PUBLICITY...

Yeah, because, we understand how the Theraflu brand was cut deep and had brand issues cause one song put 'em in so many living rooms and iPods they could not take it. If anything, all the kids who are 15 years old right now just got locked in to buying Theraflu for the next 40 years. They need to cut Kanye a check and thank him. BTW, this song is explicit. But you should know that because you can read the screen above you...

Buick and Shaq

Nobody really thinks he drives this though right? I think the ads for big dudes who cant afford the REAL car Shaq drives.

Mountain Dew Creative Team STAYS Winning

The secret is to never let the brand get in the way of the youth who represent it.

So much has been said...Let us just look again

When you think about how many commercials these characters have done, its cool

These never get old!! Terry Crews is hilarious

But who had the GREAT idea to co-brand with Bounty? #GIVETHEMARAISE