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2 Chains and Adidas

Pistachios Ads Stay Crackin'!!

Microsoft gets down with graffiti

Taco Bell rap battle at the drive in

Holiday inn GOES IN on the rap angle...

Nicki Minaj Perfume Ad

Inspiring with vintage soul to connect with parents from Hip-Hop generation

Take something seemly unconnected and elevate your brand

Great HP Ad

Easily one of the best ads for the Olympics

RAV4 Ads with LL Cool J Rock!

Random McDonalds Ads (just for fun)

Buckle UP!!! Hitman Absolution E3 2012 Saints Trailer

A great video with a lot of insight

Andre 3000 and Gillette make a great match

Every shoe company he mentioned owes him a check!

Cool ads with Latinas ...

The Last of Us Trailer...

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video Game, teams with Kendrick Lamar!

Progressive Insurance confused me with this one...

Walmart got this one very right...

Street King Ad with Mayweather, 50 Cent and Tyson

Manny Pacquiao : "What's Your Wild Rabbit" (Hennessy Campaign Commercial)

Great Acura ad...with help from Avengers

Avengers Movie Trailer REMIX by the one and only MIKE RELM!!

Nicki Minaj and Pepsi Drop A New Ad

The Gap WINS with this one...

Before you try to make money off "breakdancing" in your next ad- LEARN ABOUT IT!!

He added taps to his cool...

What do you know about Hip-Hop Dance?

iPod using Hip-Hop dance...

I think this was the first candy to go the cereal route...and they went Hip-Hop

Kanye West Makes Theraflu SICK....

Buick and Shaq

Mountain Dew Creative Team STAYS Winning

So much has been said...Let us just look again

When you think about how many commercials these characters have done, its cool

These never get old!! Terry Crews is hilarious