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TECH WEEK: How Apple launched the war against all PC's in 1984 and set the stage for Obama

TECH WEEK: Intel makes you laugh and sticks to its message

TECH WEEK IS INTERRUPTED...For yet another Taco Bell FAIL

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Diddy keeps it classy with Ciroc Vodka

Taco Bell FAILS making one of the worst rap ads ever

Tom Clancy and Ubisoft continue to kill the game- for real though.

Every father on earth will get this game...I want mine now

Luda's amazing ad, that got Bill O'Reilly so mad!

Jay Z and 50 Cent do a Reebok ad TOGETHER! This is history!!!

MMA Star Rampage Jackson in Nike Ad. Remember this?

FUBU is back!!! But can they pull it off?

Reeses Puffs Cereal keeps it fun for the kids (the way it should be)

Gap ad wins with Hip-Hop dance

HP keeps attacking Apple in their own territory: Check out the HP Slate!

Mary J. Blige and AT&T go hard in the paint

Take a minute to learn something about rap by one of the best to ever do it

Mos Def keeps it poppin' with Palm

Heinekin FAILS hard making a joke about Hip-Hop history

Radio Shack wins with one line from Biz Markie

Old Spice comes back with a powerful ad after failing with LL Cool J

HP's Uphill Battle with Apple

HP and Dr. Dre Checkmates Apple with in their NEW AD

Tech Week: DJ Hero FAILS to excite, even with Em and Jay-Z

Tech Week: Acatel-Lucent Brings it like Wu-Tang, almost

Tech Week: 2K Games has leaves you drooling for more with Mafia II

Tech Week: Boost Mobile Teams with Kanye, Game and Luda

Tech Week: Eminem rips the mic for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Tech Week: The Wisdom of Serena Williams & HP

Sprites 2007 nearly flawless campaign. Truly amazing.

2011 Toyota Sienna ad gets swagger right in new ad campaign

Adidas brand: Blessed by the Kings of Rock, Run DMC

You can't deny a classic: Nike ads with Jordan and Spike Lee