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HP and Dr. Dre Checkmates Apple with in their NEW AD

So I go to youtube and HP has a new Dr. Dre ad. It's blowing my mind because, I have written several pieces on HP ads. You can scroll down and see my pieces on Serena and Jay-Z. HP tends to do solid ads with cutting edge artists and athletes.

But Dr. Drizzzle? Man, this is off the meat rack. Long story short, Dre is in the studio with rapper Stat Quo (Southern rappers represent!). He basically talks about how HP makes his music sound like its supposed to. Hewlett-Packard really came tight. Its a clean, quick, focused ad and Dr. Dre did not have to go out of his element to make the ad work. There is no artist Apple can get to counter this. Check and mate my good man. Put the board and the pieces away. Dre is in the building. This was unsuspected and well played.

Now, on the real, its amazing to see Dr. Dre pushing hard for PC's on the music side of the game? Who would have thought Dre uses HP to make those block rockin' beats?

Can Dr. Dre convince young aspiring beat makers to leave Apple and get HP'ed up? I think its quite possible. Its gonna be HARD to see Apple come back from this one (assuming they keep this ads strategically placed and in steady rotation. I mean most people in music production use with Apples exclusively. But, this is a tough blow to Apples brand. The good Dr. even gives us a possible glimpse of the super sacred and highly awaited DETOX. The beat knocks, son!!! Enjoy.

-Beyond Urban Branding

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P.S. I just got an email from my homey Max. He said even though the commercial was cool, he does not believe Dre uses PC's....Wow...Maybe Apple has won the war of attrition in the realm of loyalty and positioning. Maybe even a commercial with Dre is still a hard sell. Maybe HP is counting on a new generation of young beat makers to emerge AFTER DETOX drops and focusing on them- and NOT current Apple fans. Certainly this will be continued.


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