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Mos Def keeps it poppin' with Palm

My good friend and amazing author/ad queen Thembisa, just tweeted about this @putyrdreams1st (you should follow her). This is a cool ad by Palm featuring music by the one and only rap icon Mos Def.

I like it a lot. Mostly because it shows something you hardly see enough in ads these days. A confident African American on the move downtown in any city USA. She uses her Palm to find her directions, take a text and talk to her friend (never missing a stride). Its well shot, it has a good pace and she looks like shes having a good time being her.

For the record, ladies love Mos Def (good thinkin' Palm!). They also like seeing themselves empowered. The only thing I might say was weak in this ad is the branding itself. They didn't show you how the Palm WebOS was easier to use, more fun to play around on than any other phone out there. They slipped a bit on the differentiation and positioning. Other wise, real solid.

-Beyond Urban Branding


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Just in from:
 Rapper T.I. is jumping in to the liquor business after striking a deal with Remy Martin.

The rapper appeared on Atlanta’s V-103 during Ryan Cameron show and revealed he had just returned from France, where he entered into a deal as the spokesman for Remy Martin.

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Wow! We were just talking about the impact of rap on the cognac industry. I guess its still going strong. Rappers + alcohol brands have almost always added up to big dollars.

-Beyond Urban Branding