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Nas and AZ Represent for Nike!! People forgot this one. The coolest thing about is the beat they use is from a CLASSIC Hip-Hop movie. Who can name it? NOT YOU!! LOL

 I totally forgot this was even made...Still love it

I think this was the first candy to go the cereal route...and they went Hip-Hop

Reeses has been pushing Hip-Hop for a while now...This is one of their old ones...

Here is a shorty family version...

This is the latest one...I could not find a better one on Youtube (my bad)

I always liked these. I hate the sound quality on this newer vid. 'Cause I actually like the beat...

A far cry from this one huh?

Kanye West Makes Theraflu SICK....

Then a few days after this song goes across the planet HipHopDX  writes that Theraflu announces its doing a 
 Law suit  against West (as if they hated all the publicity). Now this is amazing right? I mean, they get publicity through the roof, because of Hip-Hop. Then they turn around and tell a half asleep attorney on retainer to send something to West and get...MORE PUBLICITY...

Yeah, because, we understand how the Theraflu brand was cut deep and had brand issues cause one song put 'em in so many living rooms and iPods they could not take it. If anything, all the kids who are 15 years old right now just got locked in to buying Theraflu for the next 40 years. They need to cut Kanye a check and thank him. BTW, this song is explicit. But you should know that because you can read the screen above you...

Buick and Shaq

Nobody really thinks he drives this though right? I think the ads for big dudes who cant afford the REAL car Shaq drives.

Mountain Dew Creative Team STAYS Winning

The secret is to never let the brand get in the way of the youth who represent it.

So much has been said...Let us just look again