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Inside all of us, is a rapper waiting to go into the next meeting

Not mad at the ad, but it was kinda soft. Could have been more than this. Nice try though.

WATCH: Batman Arkam Knight Trailer

Wow!! I love this trailer. I want this game. NOW!!

Pepsi, Usher and the Int' Space Station Unite for Epic Event

Billy Johnson Jr. : Usher is working on what will likely be the biggest video of his career. As part of a Pepsi Challenge campaign that kicks off Tuesday, the singer will incorporate his fans in the project in two different ways. Beginning Tuesday through June 2, fans can submit photos of themselves to Usher will select a winner who will have the opportunity to meet him on the set of his accompanying short film to be released this fall. Usher asks entrants to, “Show me your world through your eyes in only a way that you can see it. The realer, the better. The more honest, the more creative.”
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Get the latest on Jay Z, Tidal, Pandora and more!

Is Jay Z going to hit his mark with Tidal? NBC 11's Scott Budman checks in with Adisa Banjoko on the Bishop Chronicles Podcast to cover that, VC funding and diversity in the Silicon Valley.

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