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Arguably the best Hip-Hop related commercial EVER....WHY?

I dunno who did the creative on this. But they were able to effectively and culturally non offensive way use the following elements of Hip-Hop in ONE AD: Rap, beatboxing, Hip-Hop dance and DJ'ing. The only thing they did not use is graffiti. Thats amazing. Folks need to take note.

The Allstate Mayhem Commercials are some of the best of the year

I love these ads. I always say comedy is more memorable than anything else. Especially these days. This guy was perfectly cast. We've all had some mayhem in our lives....A toast to the creative team on this one!

Right now its all about Hip-Hop flavored animals!

Aflac gets some b-boys moves!

Kia Hamsters Get Jiggy With It (do people still say jiggy?- I didn't think so)

More examples in coming shortly...

Company I work with inks deal with Chuck D and Mike Relm

For Immediate Release
PR Contact:
Adisa Banjoko
1-855-BE-NAKED (236-2533)

Naked Suits Menswear Launches NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Public Enemy Front Man Chuck D and DJ Remix Artist Mike Relm
September 14th 2011 - Berkeley, CA - Naked Suits, America’s first premier performance menswear line, announced that they are launching the NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Public Enemy Front Man Chuck D and DJ Remix Artist Mike Relm.

“By launching the NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Chuck D and Mike Relm, we believe we can directly reach specific customer segments consistently and effectively using tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among others,”said Naked Suits Co-Founder Albert Shyy. “We believe that just as the old music world collapsed and went digital, fashion is following in the same transition. At Naked Suits, we plan to be on the front lines of that movement.”

NakedSuits offers tailored menswear that combine high performance and modern styli…

Snoop Dogg reps ADIDAS, wow, from Run DMC to D-O-G-G

Clyde Smith of interview Adisa Banjoko on the art of Pendulum Pitching

Hey folks,
                Its been a long minute. I know. Summer came in and life got crazy. But I promise I'm back for good. To prove it, here is a recent article on some of how I do what I do. Check it out!: 

I'm kicking off a series of posts about successful approaches to music marketing with some insights from Adisa Banjoko, a marketing professional based in the Bay Area who I first met while blogging at ProHipHop. Adisa has employed an approach he calls "Pendulum Pitching" with great success both before and after the Internet kicked in.... Read the entire story atHypebot interview with Adisa Banjoko

Mike Relm Kills It- AGAIN with another amazing video

How and why people don't use him for commercials is mind blowing. One day a brand manager is going to build his future off of choosing Mike Relm to remix their ad.....Remember I said that.

New Nissan Ad Appeals to New Familys, with style

My SECOND favorite ad from the superbowl

Great Doritos Ad

Eminem had the best Ads for Super Bowl

They were funny and inspirational. Thats a hard combo for any brand to pull off.