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Company I work with inks deal with Chuck D and Mike Relm

For Immediate Release
PR Contact:
Adisa Banjoko
1-855-BE-NAKED (236-2533)

Naked Suits Menswear Launches NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Public Enemy Front Man Chuck D and DJ Remix Artist Mike Relm 

September 14th 2011 - Berkeley, CA - Naked Suits, America’s first premier performance menswear line, announced that they are launching the NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Public Enemy Front Man Chuck D and DJ Remix Artist Mike Relm.

“By launching the NS Platinum Affiliate Program with Chuck D and Mike Relm, we believe we can directly reach specific customer segments consistently and effectively using tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among others,”said Naked Suits Co-Founder Albert Shyy. “We believe that just as the old music world collapsed and went digital, fashion is following in the same transition. At Naked Suits, we plan to be on the front lines of that movement.”

Naked Suits offers tailored menswear that combine high performance and modern styling. Their wool suits are water resistant and hand tailored to fit like a second skin, with a floating canvas and a slim cut. The company’s Arctic dress shirt is made of non-see-through cotton mesh allowing the wearer to stay cool in hot and humid climates. Naked Suits was founded in 2010 by Albert Shyy and Ming Chang in Berkeley, California. Since its initial launch, Naked Suits has been attracting attention because of their products’function and fit. The company was recently featured in a business profile on NBC News, as a Thrillist Nation feature,and the cover of SF Chronicle Style section.

The NS Platinum Affiliate Program enables artists to connect Naked Suits with their fanbase across relevant digital and social media channels. By offering exclusive discounts and insider updates on Naked Suits, affiliates can engage followers and develop their relationship without compromising the integrity of the message, while allowing the company to access a targeted customer niche.

“Naked Suits combines two things I love, fashion and technology,”said Mike Relm. “Their suits feel amazing and nothing’s cooler than an Arctic Shirt.”Relm has toured the world with his live video mixes for Blue Man Group and Tony Hawk. He is also known for his innovative film and music video remixes on YouTube. Relm recently released a remix of comic Aziz Ansari as part of the affiliate relationship.

Details of Chuck D’s entry into the campaign will be released shortly, and promises to be ground-breaking.

“Our affiliate programs are meant to maximize the impact of each artist’s sphere of influence”stated Ming Chang. “We are honored to be launching with Chuck D and Mike Relm and look forward to announcing other artists, athletes, and influencers in the near future.”


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