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AD FAIL: Can we all agree that Kindle ads suck?

Kindle ads suck. There, I said it. I have watched these pseudo clever ads for too long. This is the latest one to not catch my eye. The other ad they had was the boring one with the lady and flashlight? Don't remember? I'm not mad at you for forgetting.

Also, who is Kindle trying to market to? I mean, based on the ads, I'd say White nerds.  Which is OK. Everything ain't for everybody. But this couple on the beach is NOT making me want Kindle. I mean, if I'm at the beach and I wanna read, I'm not about to bring Kindle near these waves (unless its waterproof!). Note to Kindle marketing people: Many people (races, cultures, subcultures, etc.) love to read. Many people love technology. Please make an ad that makes any lover of books excited. If you don't, they'll just go grab an ipad.

-Beyond Urban Branding

Mountain Dew Blends Graff and Skating for New Campaign

Skating and graffiti have always been in alignment. Skating was usually done by more White kids in the urban areas. Rapping and DJ'ing was done by more African American kids. Graffiti brought them together. I think this is a very cutting edge campaign. I love the can design idea. I love it when any company embraces urban art.  

-Beyond Urban Branding

Geico sprinkles silly rap as a punchline- and it works

I've always loved the Geico Gecko. This most recent at with the "rap ringtone" is really funny. Every way to use Hip-Hop as fun does not have to be a "mockery" of the art. This was funny and very memorable. To me the "rap ringtone" at the end is indicative of all the corny ways some brands try to use urban elements to their advantage- but fail. Love this ad.

-Beyond Urban Branding

B.O.B and the dude from RJ Berger in a coooool Adidas ad!

B.O.B and RJ Berger (Paul Iacono) are in great new ad by Adidas. If you dont know B.O.B you could possibly live under a rock. The thing I wonder is if Adidas PAID for the brand placement in this song, or was the timing just divine?

PS. If you really don't know who B.O.B is, you can ask your kids or just click below:

-Beyond Urban Branding

TECH WEEK: Rakim praises technology

Be alarmed, what you about to see is the bomb/ Like 3D in Nam, vivid like CD Rom/Info kept like - Rakim, Its Been A Long Time

TECH WEEK: Facetime Apps hit the heart

I know its been a minute since we did a Tech Week. Honestly, a lot of ads were kinda boring me. Not even that I was mad at them, I was just unmoved. Maybe I will write about that more in depth. But for now I'm in love with Facetime iphone app ads. They hit heartstrings with honesty. These ads show how technology is not a sterile tool made of ones and zeros. They showed that technology can and does bring people closer together.  The use of Louie Armstrong brings it all in.

-Beyond Urban Branding