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Dr. Dre is on the move with Abecassis Cognac!!


(AllHipHop News) Sources have told that Dr. Dre's new brand of cognac will begin shipping to stores later this month and in the beginning of October.

Dr. Dre announced the details of his new line Aftermath Cognac in August of 2008. The first alcoholic drink from Dr. Dre is a joint venture between Dr. Dre and Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records.

The production and distribution of Aftermath Cognac will be handled by Abecassis Cognac, which will also help introduce a new 80-proof flavored and unflavored sparkling vodka product.

The Aftermath Cognac and accompanying vodka were originally supposed to be released to coincide with Dr. Dre's highly anticipated album Detox, which still has no official release date.

Dr. Dre teased fans during his performance with Eminem and Jay-Z at Detroit's Comerica Park, after they began chanting "Detox" in unison, in an attempt to push the produced to release the delayed album.


AXE Bodywash takes a 7th grade joke and makes a great commercial

Axe has always had edgy ads. Before Old Spice and Gillette stepped into the manly smell arena, Axe was doing their thing. This is their latest from Axe.. Its juvenile, its sexually references are more then obvious and thats why its funny. This ad is like a 7th grade conversation. And yet, its hilarious. So popular my 12 year old son could not stop laughing as he started to tell me about it. Below are some others.

This one below was supposedly banned....Makes sense. Its also got a ton of hits online. Which ALSO makes sense.