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Diddy keeps it classy with Ciroc Vodka

I can't lie. When I first heard about Diddy and Ciroc hooking up I chuckled. I really thought it was going to be just another "hood beverage" of some less than average alcohol. In my minds eye, I could see all the stereotypical ads they would do. So I just cringed at the thought.

I was wrong. The above ad is very classy. Its a throwback to the Rat Pack days. No doubt Sinatra would have loved Diddy. It shows successful, happy people dining with elegance. They are steadily pushing Ciroc as n upper class beverage. Nobody wants to brown bag it with Ciroc! You want to be seen, dressed well surrounded by the beautiful people. I don't have any idea about how Ciroc tastes, or what it goes good with (I don't drink). But, this is a very solid ad from front to back. I tip my hat to everybody on the ad team that was willing to think outside of the box.

-Beyond Urban Branding


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I've always loves Sinister Brand fight wear. You've seen some of the biggest UFC stars wear their shirts into the cage. These guys have made quality stuff for years. Recently I heard a track from the upcoming album by Rakaa Iriscience from the trio Dilated Peoples. Outside of his devastating rhymes, he's one of the first rappers to train in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. His new solo album Crown of Thorns drops July 20th 2010. Anyway in one of his songs he says "Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Sinister Brand Sponsored/ You ain't fit, you old aerobics like Jane Fonda!" I love it. So many rappers reference MMA and UFC related themes in their music. This one is by far one of the best. Expect to hear more stuff like that in the coming years. If you ain't up on Dilated Peoples you are probably living under a rock. Here are two videos I suggest you peep.

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-Beyond Urban Branding